Employment agreements have been required by law since the introduction of the Employment Relations Act 2000.

Since July 2011 employers have been required to keep signed copies of all employment agreements on record.

For this reason, more than ever before, employers should review and attend to their employment agreements.

If you are an employer you will need to ensure you have on record a signed copy of an employment agreement for all your employees. Check to see both parties to the employment agreement have signed the agreement. Store these agreements in a safe and secure place. Ensure your employees receive a signed copy of their agreement.

If agreement with an employee is unable to be reached, or the employee has not signed the agreement, as an employer you must retain a copy of an intended agreement or current terms and conditions of employment, and record the steps you have taken to put an employment agreement in place.

This is a good time to ensure your employment agreements contain all the required necessary information. All employment agreements must include the mandatory clauses (refer the Department of Labour website).

Individuals found to be non-compliant with employment relations law can be penalised with a fine up to $10,000.00.

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