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The Christmas Party

The idea of the staff Christmas Party can send a wave of anxiety over Senior Management as the thought of the combination of alcohol and a group of people in your care can be a scary one.  It doesn’t always have to be like...

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Compassion at Work

Compassion may be defined as recognising that others are suffering and committing to help them. Researchers believe that we evolved to be compassionate because it helped us survive. Groups who were most altruistic and compassionate appeared stronger and kept each...

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How Much is that Workplace Grudge Costing you?

“Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die”. If you are holding on to a grudge at work, you are likely to be placing your health at risk, decreasing your productivity, increasing your stress and increasing the amount of negative emotions...

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Wooing the Boss

Thirty percent of our lives will be spent working. Why not make this thirty percent work for us? We all have choices. What we put into something is what we get out of it. What we focus on, is what we will create. Simple as that. What is the down side of using time at...

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The Offensive Cake Case

On 2 March 2015 the Human Rights Review Tribunal awarded Karen Hammond over $168,000.00 in damages from her former employer, New Zealand Credit Union Baywide (NZCU), following a Facebook breach of privacy and “loss of dignity”.

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The Bare Basics of Taking on Staff

Taking that next step of paying people to help in your business is often daunting.
Suddenly your business is responsible for others and has greater financial responsibilities. Further, the legal obligations attaching to your business suddenly increase dramatically. It is not uncommon for business owners to lie awake at night stressing over the enormity of this step in their business growth.

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The Art of Happiness

A must read appearing on the New York bestseller list for 97 weeks. A handbook setting out ways to deal with difficulties common to all human beings and some practical strategies to live a happier life.

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Maximise Your Business

No matter what your job is, we all have the ability to bring out the best or worst in those around us. Bringing out the best in those around us makes for a happier and more productive work environment. How do you impact on those around you?

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