No matter what your job is, we all have the ability to bring out the best or worst in those around us. Bringing out the best in those around us makes for a happier and more productive work environment. How do you impact on those around you? Below are some practical tips to help you bring out the best in those around you.

Focus on what works in your organisation. As humans, by default we tend to look for the biggest problems, obstacles and weaknesses to solve at work. Yet research shows us that by taking a more positive approach, by focusing on what works in our organisation and by cultivating a sense of meaning and purpose at work, we can achieve results that exceed normal performance.

Stop trying to motivate employees. New employees initially feel motivated to do well. This motivation is often eroded away unwittingly by managers, who then spend a lot of time and money trying to re-engage their team! As humans we have natural inherent motivation, we just need the right conditions to flourish. Spend time ensuring your team have autonomy, are allowed to do what they are good at, and have a sense of being connected. Having a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging are hugely important to human beings yet are often missing from workplaces.

Cultivate meaning at work. Leaders often underestimate the power of how they make people feel. Remember the last time you felt isolated at work? How was your productivity? One of the most powerful positive feelings a human can experience is a sense of belonging. To create a sense of belonging in the workplace a leader must be clear about the meaning of their workplace, and this meaning must be about more than money, it must be for a greater good. What does your organisation stand for? Does your team know this?

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