When our mental wellbeing increases, so does our productivity, creativity, empathy, physical health and resilience. Further, risks of mental and physical health are reduced.

Latest research in positive psychology shows us that optimal mental health correlates strongly with positive emotions, meaning and purpose in life, and being engaged in satisfying activities and relationships.

Improving mental health is not just about reducing problems and costs related to poor mental health, it is also about taking advantage of the productivity and competitive benefits an organisation can find in increasing optimal mental wellbeing amongst employees.

Can we improve our mental wellbeing and happiness, and if so how do we do it?

Research shows that while we are born with a base level of wellbeing and happiness this base level can be increased by undertaking certain actions. In fact we can increase our sense of wellbeing and happiness by up to 40% by engaging in certain behaviours. However, research also shows us that while we are able to boost our wellbeing beyond our natural base line, there is a tendency to slip back over time. Like our physical health, maintaining mental wellbeing is a lifelong commitment.

Emotions are very contagious and healthy behaviours spread through social networks. We know increased wellbeing and happiness increase productivity, thus if you are a business owner, and wish to increase your productivity, ensure your behaviour reflects mental wellbeing and happiness.

Research shows us that some simple, practical ways to increase your wellbeing and happiness include: exercising gratitude on a regular basis, performing acts of kindness, exercising mindfulness, developing self-compassion and partaking in physical exercise.

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