One of the most rewarding ways to increase your organisations’ productivity is to increase your own happiness and then the happiness of your employees.

Ground-breaking research shows us that happy people are more creative, solve problems more effectively and efficiently, live longer and enjoy higher levels of leadership influence.

Happiness can be described as the feeling of positive emotions and the absence of inner conflict, and a peacefulness of mind.

Research shows us that external conditions have less influence on our happiness than we think. For example let’s look at money. A number of studies have shown that once your essential needs are met, additional income contributes minimally to raising your levels of happiness and satisfaction with life.

Our genetic disposition does have an impact on our level of happiness but this can be changed by up to 40%. Happiness is not a gift from others but is a responsibility we can all choose to pursue.

There are a number of tangible things we can do to increase our base level of happiness. The trick is to find out what these things are and then to adopt these practices as part of our daily lives to enable our lives to be more fulfilled and for our businesses to prosper.

One of the most dynamic and powerful things you can do to increase your base level of happiness is to practice compassion and kindness to others. This will not only make you feel better about yourself but will contribute to others. We know happiness is contagious. Practicing happiness has the power to not only change our businesses but can change the way we can choose to live within society.

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