While we do not know what lies ahead for us, we do know that financial security is important as is our emotional and spiritual health. Below are some strategies for helping you sustain greater health and wealth while at work.

Physical activity is linked to positive feelings. Exercise provides us with a feeling of control and success. These positive feelings enrich our minds and attitude making us feel more optimistic, flexible and goal directed. Physical activity also impacts on the brain by acting as an antidepressant and makes us smarter.

Positivity has a significant effect on a person’s well-being. Go to work with a smile on your face. Fake it until you make it! To help you become more cheerful, notice how much time you spend focussing on your problems and concerns. Having high expectations leads to disappointment. Long term disappointment leads to emotional exhaustion. Start each day with a determination to let go of your expectations and instead be joyfully surprised when little things go well, or people are friendly. Look for things to be grateful about. In time you will soon feel lighter and more cheerful.

Time out is important. Take time to do something you enjoy each day and that is playful. Taking time for play reduces stress, frees us from worry and increases productivity and our ability to solve problems.

Get Connected. The quality of our social connections is one of the strongest predictors of health and well-being and appears to be as important as diet and exercise. To build high quality relationships: treat the people you work with as equals and look for the common ground you share as human beings; look for ways you can help others to achieve at work; give others the chance to make decisions and contribute to the relationship in some way. This in turn will make you more attractive to others and lead to greater connections, personal productivity and increased happiness.
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