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The Next Big Step

So you have worked very hard and nurtured your business carefully and finally you have got to the next big step of taking on someone to help you. This is another steep learning curve for the uninitiated. This next step can assist your business to soar or to crumble....

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Pre-Employment Issues

In New Zealand, it is not an easy process to terminate an employee’s employment if they are unsuitable for a role. For this reason, if you are an employer, spend the time to ensure you offer employment to the best possible candidate for the role.

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Out of Work Behaviour a Problem?

As a rule, conduct by an employee out of work hours does not justify disciplinary action unless there is a material connection between the conduct and damage to the employer.
Scenarios where an employee’s off duty conduct gives rise

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Listening in the Workplace

Far too frequently problems occur in the workplace as a result of a lack of listening. This lack of listening may involve an employee not listening to an employer, an employer not listening to an employee, or an employee not listening to one of their colleagues…

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Mental Wellbeing at Work

When our mental wellbeing increases, so does our productivity, creativity, empathy, physical health and resilience. Further, risks of mental and physical health are reduced.
Latest research in positive psychology shows us that optimal mental health correlates strongly with…

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Dismissal for “out of work” Behaviour

A recent case Hallwright v Forsyth Barr Ltd has provided further insight into the court’s approach to misconduct occurring outside the workplace.

Misconduct outside the workplace may justify a dismissal. However, employers should take care to act reasonably in the circumstances and to follow a fair process. This may include…

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